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NLP creates the life you want, both professionally and personally, from the moment you begin to use it. An NLP training course delivers this fascinating discipline directly into your hands, giving you the knowledge and tools to make the changes you want in your life, to attain your goals, re-discover your own excellence and become a skilled NLP practitioner.
At Ellice Training we are deeply passionate about NLP, knowing the power it holds to transform any and every aspect of your life and we want to share this knowledge with you, empowering you to realise your true potential, through these incredible tools.
A core saying within NLP is:
“Everyone has all the resources they need to make the changes they want to make right now.”
So simple and so true. NLP is practical, it is fast and it puts you in control. It begins improving your quality of life the moment you start to master it’s principles.
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NLP Training and Coaching for Business and Healthcare

NLP training and coaching

NLP in Business.

No matter what you do or don’t say, you cannot help but communicate. In business, every word we say or publish has some effect on the recipient. What we think about ourselves and our job directly affects how we interact with others, either clients or fellow work colleagues.
NLP brings new insights and skills that allow the individual to be more effective in their chosen role by having a greater understanding of how what we think say and do impacts everything and everyone around us.
NLP is different from other forms of personal development in that it is modelled from individuals who are experts in helping others change.
NLP tools and techniques are being used in organisations to improve sales, integrate teams to work more cohesively, support managers in coaching, and to motivate and lead teams.
Business is not just about commerce it’s about the people who work in it.
Give people the right environment, knowledge and tools and they will flourish.

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NLP training and coaching

NLP in Healthcare.

When your title carries an expectation that you care, be prepared from the moment you step into that persona to do just that.
So how are you expected to care when you are so tired emotionally and physically and all you want to do is go home. When there is just so much for you to get done in this day.
When your ‘To Do’ list is getting longer because more pressing issues just had to be addressed in that moment. When eye contact becomes a dangerous game because you just have to get on to the next task.
Here’s the good news, you can be all that you are, and so much more, and be the practitioner you dreamed of when you made that choice to be a Doctor, a Nurse, a Surgeon or Physician.

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NLP training and coaching

NLP One to One Coaching.

Have you ever felt stuck or blocked for any reason, unable to think past a situation, maybe you’ve chosen to avoid an issue altogether. You can achieve clarity and find a new path to a different outcome – your chosen outcome – by talking with a skillful NLP coach from Ellice Training Ltd.,
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What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is the study of human experience and behaviour, how it is created, enacted and how it can be changed. NLP is a set of tools and techniques used to make positive changes in people’s experience and behaviours. The three central components are, thinking, language and behaviour....

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One to One Coaching

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