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About Our NLP Trainer, Sue….

About our nlp trainer
Hello and thanks for your time in finding out “So who is Sue Cleasby”. In summary I am a leader and facilitator, my drive is to be the very best I can be and share this with other people. To experience life is to live it, to push the boundaries.
Are you about to find out that I have climbed Kilimanjaro, swum across the English Channel, run a marathon? Well not yet! And here’s the thing, I have achieved all of the above and so much more in the discovery of my own excellence.
My desire to be constantly improving and moving forward took me out of a nursing career and into medical sales, where my drive and enthusiasm had me quickly recognised as a ‘Senior Rep’ and the ‘person to go-to’ to bring in the business. My sales mantra is ‘Identify the need, and fulfil it’. No surprise that I was well liked and very effective. I focus on building rapport, and caring about the person in front of me. The NLP skills that I have adopted inclusively into my life enhance all these innate abilities and make me a highly effective NLP trainer who is both easy to work with, and is focussed on the best outcome for you.
I have learnt that what makes the difference to the reality that is my world is about how I think, and what I say to myself.
In 2009 I found what I had been looking for for a long time, a way to communicate with the sensory part of me that constantly asked the world WHY, and found a very simple truth, I was asking the wrong question, it is HOW and WHAT DO I WANT.
Innovation, drive, passion and ideas come from the emergence of what people do best. Discovering the very best, means to help an individual to know the truth of that excellence for themselves.
As an NLP Trainer my work is to share this knowledge, my life’s experience, my passion and my capacity for happiness and love and laughter in every day of my life.
I run open NLP Training courses throughout the year, and bespoke courses for the Healthcare sector, and Businesses.
You can expect the courses to be experiential and interactive because you will be doing much more than simply seeing and hearing NLP, you will be experiencing and practicing it with me, the other trainers and the rest of the group. This is a joint exploration of a shared experience which allows you to be empowered by what you are learning in the moment.
As an NLP coach I use the science of NLP to facilitate you to find the way through the maze of your own thinking, freeing up access to your own excellence.

I completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with Toby and Kate McCartney, two of only a handful of Master NLP trainers in the country. Kieran and Jai Gallen guided me through hypnotherapy, and my NLP Trainer’s Training was with Sue Knight, author, trainer and world renowned NLP consultant. I have worked alongside these trainers as a valued assistant.


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“Sue's presence is like walking into a sun lit room, she exudes a warmth that made me feel instantly at ease. Her motivation and passion set the course on fire, absolutely the most exhilarating and influential learning experience of my life, delivered by an exceptional individual.”

Hannah Pead, Associate, BMO Capital Investments.

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