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Have you ever felt stuck or blocked for any reason, unable to think past a situation, maybe you’ve chosen to avoid an issue altogether. You can achieve clarity and find a new path to a different outcome – your chosen outcome – by talking with a skilful NLP coach from Ellice Training Ltd.,

NLP coaching is simple fast and powerful and can be used to explore any subject you can think of. NLP coaching can also be ‘content free’, that is to say that it is not necessary to discuss the detail of the subject with your NLP coach. NLP coaching is not about giving advice or direction, it is about facilitating you to explore and find your own path to your own solution. NLP is not a ‘do to’ process; it is a ‘do with’ process. We as NLP Practitioners know that you already have all the resources you need to achieve your chosen outcome. We as the coach use the science of NLP to allow you to find the way through the maze of your own thinking, freeing up access to your own excellence.

For many people it may not be that there is a specific something that you want to deal with. You may just feel that you are not where you want to be with your life, or you are not who you want to be. NLP coaching can dispel ambiguity and bring precision and lucidity to your thinking so you can feel whole and solid in who you are and what you are doing.

It is easy to live life on auto-pilot never really examining what we are doing and how we are being. This is all too common especially in our working lives. We can feel that the job is something we need to do and just have to get on with it and get it done. Taking time to stop and look at how we engage with our work opens up new possibilities and here are just some of the many areas we have facilitated:

• What are you pretending not to know about just how great you are
• Self-image around dressing with your senses
• Work through difficult choices
• Are you the only one left smoking outside in the cold
• The “How to” of moving on in your career
• Working through limiting beliefs
• Are there a hundred things in your head that are holding you stuck
• Have you moved on from that old relationship…yet
• Are you carrying around much more than you need
• Is there a hamster in a wheel feel to life
• Career change Now is your time

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