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Association for Integrative PsychologyEllice Training Ltd., is accredited and certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology, AIP. A not for profit organisation, the AIP is entirely independent meaning they remain objective and rigorous in their maintenance of exacting standards.

The AIP require us to resubmit our course content and manuals at regular intervals for testing. As such you receive the highest quality, most current content of our courses.

NLP Business Practitioner course

The NLP Business Practitioner course gives you the very best possible start on your NLP journey and facilitates you to develop a greater understanding of others and, crucially, yourself. Because it is YOU who will make that sale, lead that team, bring excellence to your role.

This NLP Business Practitioner course will enable you to realise your potential and discover the skills you never knew you had…

When attending this six day experiential training course you will receive personal attention and lots of feedback. Study material will be given to you prior to the course. You can choose to read this either before or after dependent upon your style of learning- whichever works best for you.

We also offer a two day add-on to the Parctitioner course covering Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The art and skill of Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy blends beautifully with NLP. Through NLP we are communicating directly with your unconscious. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is also about communicating with your unconscious, so the two work incredibly well together. The combination provides the state of mind to bring about deep powerful change with the ability to include strong metaphorical experiences and post hypnotic suggestions.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Shakespeare)

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Hypnotherapy Diploma course

This a very engaging two day course, especially designed as an add on to the Practitioner Training. The course will cover an overview and background of Hypnotherapy, an exploration into the “Prime Directive of the Unconscious Mind” an explanation of “What is Hypnotherapy?” and the theory and practice of trance induction.
This diploma course is delivered only as an add-on to our NLP Practitioner certification.
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NLP Master Practitioner course

The NLP Master Practitioner course takes your knowledge and expertise to the next level. You will be exploring and mastering language, learning to harness its power to achieve your outcomes. It is your degree in NLP.

You will also discover the ‘how to’ of Modelling. This fundamental premise of NLP teaches you to recognise and replicate excellence in yourself and others. You will also learn how to work with others to produce the very best outcomes and so much more beside.

This course is a full, ten days hands-on experience, split into two five day courses. As part of the course you will undertake a Modelling project and spend a full day and a half on planning and conducting a client one to one session, enabling you to gain a practical understanding of what to do and how to do it.

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“Doors have opened and I have changed in ways I couldn’t have anticipated or expected. Training in NLP with Sue has been one of the most valuable things I have ever done. I am so excited about the future ahead ...”

Alice Turner, trainee teacher.

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