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Association for Integrative PsychologyEllice Training Ltd., is accredited and certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology, AIP. A not for profit organisation, the AIP is entirely independent meaning they remain objective and rigorous in their maintenance of exacting standards.

The AIP require us to resubmit our course content and manuals at regular intervals for testing. As such you receive the highest quality, most current content of our courses.

Our NLP Master Practitioner course

The NLP master Practitioner course is where you get to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of quantum language and quantum thinking in NLP. We look at how you can modify and enhance the basic tools to achieve significant change at deep levels.

A key part of the course is NLP modelling and strategies. This is the ability to identify a skill or ability in someone, model it and teach it to yourself or others. If someone else can do it, anyone can do it and this course teaches you all the tools you need to replicate excellence.

We also look at how to manage state and how to identify and change conscious patterns. It is the practical next step on from our practitioner course, for anyone who wants to grow and extend their NLP skills. This is your opportunity to discover the endless possibilities for altering your everyday reality, right now.

If you’re planning on changing or extending your current career to became an expert in NLP then this is the course for you. We keep our groups small so you get the best learning opportunity through a mixture of demonstrations and hands on practise, all under our close guidance. This course is both challenging and hugely rewarding.

Gandhi told us to ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ suggesting that somehow changing ourselves is going to affect the rest of reality. Why should we be the change we want to see? Because we are ultimately intertwined with everyone else. Every thought we have matters. Every word we think and utter shapes our reality and NLP teaches us how to make profound changes at this level. Changes that shift everything around us. What if it really is that simple? With NLP it is. Simple, fast and powerful.

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Course Cost: £2,500 inc

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“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we make the world.”

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