NLP in Healthcare

When your title carries an expectation that you care, be prepared from the moment you step into that persona to do just that.

So how are you expected to care when there are so many demands made upon you and your time. When there is just so much for you to get done in this day.
When your ‘To Do’ list is getting longer because more pressing issues just had to be addressed in that moment. When eye contact becomes a dangerous game because you just have to get on to the next task.

Here’s the good news, you can be all that you are, and so much more, and be the practitioner you dreamed of when you made that choice to be a Doctor, a Nurse, a Surgeon or Physician.

Around Christmas 2012 the Chief Nursing Officer to the NHS Jane Cummings expressed her dismay at the lack of empathy to patients. Read more here.
In 2013 the Frances Report highlighted more shortcomings in the NHS, and more recently Norman Lamb has been appointed Minister of State for Care Services. He is quoted as saying:
“People don’t want health care or social care, they just want the best care. This is a vital step in creating a truly joined-up system that puts people first. Unless we change the way we work, the NHS and care system is heading for a crisis. This national commitment to working together is an important moment in ensuring we have a system which is fit for the future.”
Link to NHS article here

For a medical professional, success comes from knowledge, empathy, willingness and an absolute belief in what they can give to the lives of those in their care.

You can teach procedures and techniques, you have to want to believe that you can connect. Regardless of what we say or do, we cannot not communicate.

NLP in the Healthcare setting gives you the extra that a conventional personal development course will not.

How is this true? It is true because you will hard wire this learning into your own neurology.
Making what you learn part of you, so that the learning can be taken and used the very moment that you leave and walk back into your world, both your professional and your personal life. Healthcare isn’t just about medicines and procedures. It’s about the people who work in it. Give people the right environment, knowledge and tools and they will excel.

Unfortunately in most Healthcare settings connectedness with patients is short, so let’s make that time quality connectedness.

We do this by calibrating for instant rapport. How to be in that other person’s shoes. As you walk towards them what do you notice? A thousand messages will enter your brain and help you to prepare for your interaction.
Let’s face it you will already have read the case notes and you have experienced similar types of issues in your training or in reality with other patients.

And now with NLP you have that extra edge, through language, re framing, perceptual position, eye patterns, strategies and outcome setting.

Be prepared to experience what you are about to learn, we already know you are good at book learning. It’s time to feel, see, hear and engage with what it is like to be you, what it’s like to be your patient, and to connect in a whole new way.

You are already excellent. Begin your journey to notice how that excellence improves lives, yours and the people you care for.

Hospitals and clinics all around the country are full of dedicated caring people working in challenging conditions and still smiling. We believe it is time to empower these people with a new insight. We see this new NLP language as inclusive to all, anyone can learn it and we are passionate about sharing this with you.

Most of all it’s great fun to learn. Prepare to have a very different training experience.

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