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The brain and our nervous system act to filter the world through the prism of our five senses;

  • Hearing – Auditory
  • Sight – Visual
  • Touch – Kinaesthetic
  • Taste – Gustatory
  • Smell – Olfactory

We take in everything around us. In order to reduce this overload of environmental stimuli to a manageable amount, we use this filtering process to ‘make sense’ of our surroundings. This results in our own individual ‘map’ of the world. The filtering process and resulting unique ‘map’ is the reason why we might watch the same film with someone and come out with radically different views on its content.


Having internalised the information received via our senses we then attribute language to what we’ve taken in, along with personal meaning. This process orders our thinking.

This second layer of information forms another mental map, the ‘linguistic map’ and creates our everyday conscious awareness. Language is also the means by which we interact and communicate our internal world, and also the way we communicate with ourselves, the chatter that goes on inside your head, known as self talk. The words and language we use are therefore a powerful indicator of what is going on at an unconscious level.


This element refers to the sequence of instructions in our minds, which make up the programmes and strategies that we run in our neurology as a whole, to achieve our specific and desired outcomes. These behaviours that occur are a product of our filtering processes and the resulting linguistic map.


If we put these three elements together we can see how our experience of life is created by the interplay between them. Over time habitual patterns or ‘programmes’ between the three occur, resulting in a way of being which might, or might not be useful to the individual. NLP picks apart those programmes which create great outcomes for successful people and teaches us how to run them ourselves.

It is this practical approach that takes the mystery out of the pursuit of happiness and success and provides clear techniques that can be taught, enabling you to fully realise your potential. Come on one of our courses to learn even more about NLP.


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