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Flexing the memory muscle means that I trust myself that I will remember. Trying to force myself to remember just doesn’t work. Yet I can smell a wax crayon and be transported to a nursery classroom that I have a vague sense of. Or I see a place and have that deja vu moment. I can also give myself an instruction when struggling to recall a memory, I simple says ‘OK I will remember this shortly and now forget about it’. And nine times out of ten the memory just pops back into my head.
I believe this because I am allowing the unconscious to do its job.
In NLP terms we understand that of the 4 Billion bit per second of information which
bombard our neurology an average of 2000 bps are taken in and then filtered. We delete, we distort and generalise this information in order to make sense of it and use that which is relevant to us at the time. It’s generally agreed that we have this function to enable us to cope because we would be in overload, how would we process and how would be able to think straight?
So what must it be like to never forgetting anything that you have ever experienced. I will be fascinated to find out on Channel Four 09:00 Tuesday 4th October ‘The Boy Who Can’t Forget’ I read from the write up that the experts have no answers. Nevertheless less this young 20 year old and others like him are a further indicator that we still know very little about the way the mind works.


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  1. Sharmiladevi. says:

    Yes, on reading this blog ,I can remember that when ever I come across the smell of sandol I am immediately connected with my friend’s voice. During my school days, my home telephone holds the Sandol scent as a freshener. Some how the smell is associated with my friend’s voice. I have the smell stored in my memory with her voice.Thank you.

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