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Association for Integrative PsychologyEllice Training Ltd., is accredited and certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology, AIP. A not for profit organisation, the AIP is entirely independent meaning they remain objective and rigorous in their maintenance of exacting standards.

The AIP require us to resubmit our course content and manuals at regular intervals for testing. As such you receive the highest quality, most current content of our courses.

Our NLP Business Practitioner Course

Our NLP Business Practitioner course creates an opportunity, right now, to transform your thinking, because ‘words change worlds’. What the mind focuses on is what it creates and we will teach you how to facilitate that change. Ideas and goals are created in the minds of their creator – YOU.

NLP is a new language that will create endless possibilities for you, the world you live in, your job, your family and your friends.

We believe in ‘state change’, let me give you an example:

You wake up early, you’re thinking about the day ahead; a long commute into town. Another rubbish day ahead…

You wake up early, you’re thinking about the day ahead; then you remember-it’s a bank holiday, whoopee, extra day off…!

Same moment of the day, what’s changed? You’re thinking has changed.

This course facilitates you to uncover all the resources you already hold, saying YES to your full potential. It is simple, it is fast and it will get you what you want. So make sure you have your most deeply held goals in mind because NLP is powerful. You will get that which you desire, create and imagine.

So, do you want to enhance your current life style? Do you want to enhance and develop your career? Do you sense there is another kind of life to be lived?

There is, right now, so please join us, we would be delighted to meet you and work with you. To find out more about me and my journey with NLP please take a look at the ‘About’ page.

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This will explain in full:

  • What to expect
  • Where this will take you
  • Pre study materials
  • The certification process

This six day intensive course costs: £2,000 inc
Typically 4 days followed by 2 days with a two week gap. For example Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, followed by Staurday and Sunday two weeks later.

For all course enquiries and details contact us directly.

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“Sue showed me that the only thing stopping me was me. It’s all so simple, I can change the outcome of my day quicker than it takes for the kettle to boil. Mind blowing.”

Eleanor, Alternative therapist.


K. Bradford-Brown.

“Your results are, in fact, your true intentions.”

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