NLP in Sales and Communication

What is a sale if it’s not a skill, an art in communication, and how do we measure great sales teams and great business development teams?

They are measurable by the efforts of those individuals that stand out, those who consistently and repeatedly achieve and over achieve their given targets.

And how in any organisation can this be replicated? Companies like Honda and Vodafone, First Direct and Marks & Spencer Money, they know….

Through modelling the process of “The How”…..How is it that James is consistently successful yet his colleague Mark in the same team with the same manager struggles to scrape by each month….
It’s more than just James’s good luck, winning smile and longevity in the role, much more…

It’s because he has patterns of behaviour that mean he succeeds, he creates instant rapport, he uses customer specific language, he knows what he wants, he can see it, taste it, it’s all so real to James! The way we feel about someone or something has a direct impact on how we act…

And what about Mark…. he’s got potential, doesn’t lack hard work, is keen to get on, a thoroughly nice chap… Well you employed him!
So what’s the difference that makes the difference?

NLP Modelling is the key to unlock James success….no point in asking James how he does what he does because he will most probably not be able to tell you.
People who are really excellent at what they do well are unconscious of the fact, they just do it.

Over time James will have created a model that gives him the success he knows he can achieve and he will have edited that model along the way to make sure he achieves his goal.

The beauty of NLP Modelling means that “The How” James sells so well can be coded for the recipient, so that they too can achieve the same great results…..good news for Mark and Mark’s organisation.

And to Model the excellence of others is not to copy. To Model the elements that work means you take only what works for you through a process of exploration and investigation, honing down only the essence that will achieve the Modelled outcome, goal, targets…..for You.
Now Mark can Model how James sells so well, in his own unique way, hardwiring this new experience so that it now belongs to Mark.

NLP Modelling explores attitudes that produce results, is the exploration of how we think, communicate and ultimately change.
And yes you knew it was coming, and is so profoundly true for some:
You do the same old same old…. You get the same old same old.

Not for companies like Honda and Vodafone, First Direct and Marks & Spencer Money, they know that change and the excellence of the individual is how they will grow their organisations, and keep growing.
Learn to Model the excellence of others and achieve your own unique excellence.

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